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Our Services

Soft Landscaping

  • Project management.
  • Design of new or upgrade of current landscaping.
  • Landscape Construction and Installation.
  • Landscape Maintenance.
  • Waterwise Landscaping.

Hard Landscaping

  • Chipstone, river boulders etc.
  • Artificial lawn supply and install.
  • Paving.
  • Water features.
  • Eco water features.
  • Jungle Gyms.
  • Gabion structures and walls.

Greywater and greywater irrigation systems:

  • We have numerous systems to suit your budget and requirements from a 2 person household ( Small garden) to a 400 person complex (Large garden)
  • Supply of Plug and play systems for the DIY person.
  • Supply and installation of your required system
  • We also supply a range of irrigation products suitable for greywater. (Can be attached to existing units depending on pump, filter etc used.)
  • Supply and install solar panels for pump supply if required.

Rain, air conditioning and pool backwash/flush water collection and storage:

  • We supply a range of tanks depending on budget, requirements and space to collect and store water.
  • Installation of pipe/gutter work, casting of cement platform for tank, tanks and pumps.


  • Design of new or upgrade of irrigation system, including greywater irrigation system.
  • Installation of irrigation systems.
  • Maintenance of irrigation systems.
  • Audit of existing systems.